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About Dennis

Dennis Scanland, from Cranbrook BC, is the founder, general manager and sales manager of SunnyCider LTD in Calgary, AB. Over the years he has shown a desire and energy towards local business ownership and management as well as the community that surrounds Calgary small business. 

His passion lies in creating meaningful personal and business relationships. Partnering with people and businesses to not only benefit his business but other businesses, the general community and the earth. Some examples include his ongoing goal to bring cider to all breweries in Alberta, and to have a low carbon footprint with his company. Celiacs and non-beer drinkers do deserve a premium craft drink at all of these establishments. The breweries benefit by bringing a more diverse crowd in and having a gluten-free/non-beer option.

Dennis knew he wanted to be in business after graduation, taking business administration at the East Kootenay Community College. Graduating with a 2 year certificate, he then headed off to Calgary. Getting his feet under him, he ended up managing a department at A&B Sound, a music store in downtown Calgary. 

After many years in retail, web development was his next career. Taking a diploma program at SAIT he then started his first business, a web development company called Wired Fox. Working for a few major clients, one of them decided to offer him full-time work. He worked managing a global web team for 13 years until the next change came.

Dennis made the decision to jump into urban farming to do something meaningful. He started a company called Dirt Boys and proceeded to build gardens and teach people how to grow their own food as well as grow food for markets and restaurants. After 1 year he saw an opportunity for some collaboration with other urban farms and dove into the cooperative worker model, creating YYC Growers and Distributors. He managed this cooperative as well as his urban farm for many years. In this role, Dennis was a spokesperson and advocate for local food security and other food issues.

In 2013 some good friends and neighbours wanted to start making cider. After many years of trial and error the cider became excellent and in 2018 a decision was made to start SunnyCider. Three neighbours were managing partners and many others remained investors. The doors opened May 2019. In 2022 two of the managing partners decided to take a step back and leave management all to Dennis. By looking at profit margins, cost of goods, labour and distribution, he’s managed to turn the company into a profitable company in the past few years. 

He’s created some great business relationships in Calgary, Edmonton and other cities in Alberta. He’s worked with the Alex Community Health Centre, The Doorway, The Sharp Foundation, Permaculture Calgary for charity events amongst many others. He also supports an urban farming project called Highfield Farms with compost, donations and event spaces.

Recently Dennis has joined Business Link and SAIT as small business mentor, sharing his trials and tribulations with other aspiring business owners.

Dennis Scanland

Owner of Scanland Consulting